Academic calendar for 2014/2015 Horarios Curso 2014/2015 Exámenes
  Tentative Academic calendar for 2015/2016   Module I. Research Methodology   
   Module II. Scientific Principles of Strength & Conditioning  
   Module III. Exercise Physiology 
    Module IV. Biomechanics and Movement Analysis 
  Module V. Program Design as related to Strength & Conditioning 
  Module VI. Sports Nutrition and Ergogenic Aids 
  Module VII. Strength Training & Conditioning in the Elderly 
  Module VIII. Applied Statistical Techniques in Strength & Conditioning 
In general, students are obliged to be physically present on-campus from January through June, as the required modules will be presented during this time period. Classes will be taught in the mornings (9:00-14:00h), Wednesdays through Fridays. The schedule of the modules is posted in the academic calendar. The classroom assignment for each module will be announced individually by the respective professor of the course. 
There are two calls for the Master’s Thesis hand-in and presentation. Students must choose one of these two calls, October or December, to turn-in their thesis document and to publicly defend their Master’s thesis on-campus.