Research Center

Due to the professionalization of sports and its continuous evolution, the world of football is no stranger to the advances occurring in the field of sports research.

Sport is constantly improving and becoming more professional and for this reason there is a need to advance research, assessment control and sports counseling. Universities have a lot to contribute in these areas.

In this sense, the “Universidad Católica de Murcia” is already a pioneer as it has a Research Centre in High Performance Sports (CIARD) which is already a national example.

For this reason, the UCAM created the project, UCAM Sports Management University, with the intention of positioning Spanish sport and above all, Spanish football at the forefront of technology, by focusing their efforts on research.

UCAM Sports Management University's objectives within this branch of research are:

 To develop investigations that help to reduce the health risks in athletes and to help their sports rehabilitation.

 To research to improve sports equipment.

 To research to improve physical performance and preparation.

 To establish new lines of research and encourage and strengthen existing ones.

 To position itself as a leading research center both nationally and internationally.



The UCAM Sports Management University in collaboration with Mediapro, have made the first native application for Google Glass (or any wearable device) which allows the technical team of a football club to obtain the statistic data that it needs, both before and during a match. The application uses the advanced system "Mediacoach", developed by the LFP and technologically coordinated with Mediapro. This will be the first time that Google Glass will gather very useful information regarding football.

This product allows the live analysis of the game and the data extraction of all of the matches; the clubs will have all of the information about their games, as well as the information about the teams that they will be facing during the season.

The applications objective is that the trainers and technicians of every football team in the LFP have access to a series of selected statistics about live matches, without having to lose sight of the game at any moment. The current designed statistics for this presentation are grouped into four areas:


 Construction of play



With a simple finger gesture you can switch between these sets of statistics, whilst keeping the selected group on the screen with automatic updates every 30 seconds.

Both before and after each match, the technicians can consults these statistics.

This product made its debut in the world of football during a match between “Getafe F.C.” and “Atlético de Madrid” on day 33 of the BBVA league, in which Germán Burgos (Atlético de Madrid's second trainer) was the first technician to use Google Glass.

Following this, they were then used by “Valencia F.C.” during the match against “Real Madrid F.C.” on day 36 of the BBVA league, in which the members of the team, who were on the bench, enjoyed the perks that this application brings to the world of football.