• Sport Journalists (radio, TV, Internet and press)
  • Sport Production and Development
  • Communications Office
  • Press Office
  • Institutional Relations
  • Communication Management




1 Course


Master's Degrees


Mr. Juan de Dios Martínez - Director of the Master's Degree in Sports Journalism

Sports journalism is a speciality that has gained significant importance due to the widespread interest in this field and its increasing professionalisation. With this online Master Programme, UCAM provides students with the opportunity to acquire specific and deep knowledge of the sports journalism discipline from excellent professionals of this field. Their experience will be a valuable supplementary training for students.


Objectives of the program

The training obtained through the Masters program provides access to the job market in both the public and private sectors. A wide range of professional roles and profiles can be filled by graduates in Sport Journalism such as: 

  • Sport Journalists (radio, TV, Internet and press).
  • Sport Production and Development. 
  • Communications Office. 
  • Press Office. 
  • Institutional Relations. 
  • Communication Management.
  • Representative of Sport Entities. 


Teaching Faculty

With the Master, students will have to meet with professionals in the area of Sport Journalism from all over the world. 

Student profile

  • Graduates in Journalism, Information Science, Advertising and Public Relations, Audiovisual Communication and other official qualifications related to Communication.
  • Graduates in Physical Activities and Sport Sciences.
  • Professionals of the general and specialised media.
  • Physical trainers.
  • Sports entities managers, staff and sport men and women.
  • Anyone interested in improving knowledge of sports information (after the professors responsible for this Master Programme had assessed their CV and Motivation Letter).

Methodology Online

The UCAM online education, following its own principles, consists in a customised, service-minded training adapted to new technologies. Therefore, it offers work techniques that provides flexible learning to help students to balance work, sport, family life and studies while widening their professional profile.
The Virtual Campus provides students with access to all the necessary education materials,such as documents, videos, full lectures, tasks, and also helps them to keep direct contact with professors and classmates through video conferences, forums, chats, and other resources.
UCAM students are not alone, they will count on the help of a supervisor that will accompany them during their studies regardless of distance.

Acreditaciones externas:
Este Máster cuenta con el reconocimiento, respaldo y acreditación del Comité Olímpico Español (COE) y la Asociación Española de Periodismo Deportivo. 
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