Study plan

I. Marketing

The Brand  
The Product  
The Customer and The Clieny  
Marketing Plan | Strategic Marketing  
E volution of Marketing  
Br and Activation  
N ew Technologies and Big Data  
N ew Trends  

II. Sports Marketing

Introduction | The Sport:
World’s most powerful platform for Brand Activation
The Sports Brand | the Brand and Sport” and the Sport  
T he Sports Industry  
E volution of Sports Marketing  

III. Marketing Research

Situation Analysis  
Research Techniques and Tools  
Reach and Segmentation  
Consumer Habits / Practice  

IV. Marketing Plan

M arketing Mix  


V. Communication Plan

Introduction | Developing of a Communication Plan  
Broadcasts Rights  
The Press O ce  
On-line Communication Media  
C risis Management  

VI. Social Media Marketing "Social Media Plan"

Social Media Marketing “Community Management”  
Basis of Online Marketing Campaigns  
Social Media | Brand(ed) Content  
S ocial Media Crisis Management  

VII. Brand Image

Image Rights and Trademark Registration  
Branding in Sports  
M anagement and Planning of Corporative Image  

VIII. Sports Sponsorship. From the perspective of the sponsorship brand

Introduction | Evolution of Sponsorship  
De nition  
In vestment and Strategic Models | Benchmarking and Practical Cases of Reference  
Evaluation of Properties and Proposals | Tools  
Brand Activation in Sponsorships  
Measuring Sponsorship | Key Performance  
I ndicators and Methodologies  

IX. Sports Sponsorship. From the perspective of the sponsored entity

Evolution of Sports Sponsorship  
De nition of Sponsorship Architecture  
Sponsoship Categories  
Large funding models | Business participation  

De nition and Assessment of Returns and Assets 

per Category

Unique Selling Proposistion  
Management Media Advertising  

Marketing Trends with the Digital Transformation of 

Sports Entities

Contract drafting and negotiation
Ambush Marketing

X. Corporate Social Responsability

The Imporatance of CSR in Football  
Practical Cases of Reference  
N eeds and Opportunities  


IX. LaLiga Marketing from inside

Introduction and Evolution of Football Marketing  
Sponsorship Plan | the Importance of the Sponsors  
Digital Marketing  
Sponsors Viewpoint  
New Distribution of Broacasts/ Media Rights  

Marketing “from inside”

a. Liga BBVA team
b. Liga Adelante team c. 2
nd  B team 

Globalization of the Brand “LaLiga”  
LaLiga World Challenge  


IX. Popular Sports

E volution of Sports Industry   
E ntrepreneurship  
The Popular Sports  

Business Models | Average Expenditure of 


Generation of Sporting Events  

O peration of Sporting Events 

City Marketing  

The Binomials of the Sport (Tourism, Health, Social 

Cohesion, Lifestyle and Employment)

Growth Areas  
Practical Cases | Integral Management (360º)  


IX. External Interships

  Development of Internships in Public/Private  Entities  

IX. Final Thesis

  Final Project | Development of Marketing and  Communication strategy for a Particular Entity