• Best Degree in Psychology
  • Personal atenttion 
  • Practical classes
  • Elite Professors
  • Small groups
  • Agreements with leading companies 




1 Course




81,66 €/ECTS

4.900,00 €/ Course.





Master's Degrees


V 16:00-21:00
S 9:00-14:00




Dra. Dña. Patricia Ramírez Loeffler. - A co-Director of the Master Sports Psychology; Ex-psychologist of Real Betis Balompié SAD

‘If there is something important in a sport centre, it is the leadership’


Objectives of the program

  • Manager or director of human teams within the sports context.
  • Sports coach.
  • Advisor, consultant and counsellor in sports entities.
  • Technical manager in sports entities.
  • This graduate course is a supplementary training for becoming sports trainer and physical activities director.
  • For Psychology graduates, this Master's Degree provides the necessary training for practising Psychology and Sports Coaching with sportsmen and women, sports teams, trainers, parents, referees and umpires.

Faculty Teachers

With the Master, students will have to meet with professionals in the area of Sports Psychology from all over the world. Some of them are:

  • Iciar Eraña -  Ex-Sport Psychologist of  Real Madrid.
  • Patricia Ramirez Loeffler - Sports Psychologist of Real Betis Balompie. 
  • Dr. Pablo Del Rio - Psychological Training Individual Sports (Badminton).
  • Pep Marí - Sports Psychology Department of San Gugat High Performance Centre (Barcelona).

Student profile

It is targeting to the following profiles:

  • Graduates in Psychology.
  • Graduates in Physical Activities and Sport Sciences (CAFD).
  • Professionals in the sports sector (professional experience must be demonstrated).
  • Professional sportsmen and women (the condition of elite or professional sportsmen or women must be demonstrated).

¿Why UCAM Sports Management University?

  • UCAM Sports Management University is an educational project that is combining different Master Programs that develop future professionals in the sport sector.
  • Official and High quality education. 
  • Master Degrees responding to the Professional Necessities. 
  • High quality Teaching Faculty and plan of studies strictly directed to the creation of real professionals.
  • University Title with the stamp of UCAM, an additional value that you will not find in any part of the world.
  • The objective of those Masters is to fulfil an essential role in the sport world. We are forming big professionals in the technical jobs and in the management aspects of sport clubs. Because of the significant progress that football has been experiencing during the last decade, there is a need for training professionals for each one of its different areas. Sports Psychology is nowadays one of the most relevant knowledge areas since it deals with the appropriate development of the potential of the human mind in the field of sports. 
The Best Master in Sports Psychology:
  • Place nº 1 in Spain according to U-Multirank.
  • Place nº 3 in Europe according to the European Ranking.